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Monday, September 5, 2016

Many Years Ago There Was A Little Girl

Many Years Ago There Was A Little Girl....

Many years ago there was a little girl that touched my mother's heart. It bothered me that this little girl* was soo special to my mother! She wasn't a family member, just another kid on her school bus route. It turns out that this kid had something very special in common with my her. She had cancer. The chemo-taking, losing hair kind during the same time my mother was diagnosed with Melanoma. They were cancer buddies who fought hard. There was a special relationship I couldn't understand, but grew to love hearing about. Both my mom and that little girl* went into remission for a time. Both grew older and lived a little longer. My mom retired and moved from Illinois to Kentucky with my father. Unfortunately the cancer returned and took my mom.
A couple years later after my moms passing we received a letter from the little girls family. I read it and found that she to had passed away from another bout of cancer. I never told the family about my mom. I didn't want them to be sad. Within a couple of years of each other, the cancer buddies were taken from this world. I'd like to think that if more research could have been done, they may have had a longer stay. I'm a St. Jude Hero and I am running for them!
I really really really hate cancer!

*name is withheld

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